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Personal Injury Lawsuit

personal injury

When a person is injured due to no fault of their own they may have a personal injury lawsuit on their hands. A person can sue if they are injured due to mistakes or the negligence of others. An injured person is going to need the money for lost wages, medical bills, pain, and suffering. If a person is injured due to no fault of their own they need to find a local attorney to get the compensation that they need.

hire a lawyerWhen a person feels that they have a possible personal injury lawsuit they should contact a personal injury lawyer right away. The lawyer will listen to the facts of the case and what happened. The lawyer will be able to tell a person if they have a case or not. Many personal injury lawyers do not get paid unless they get compensation for their clients. A personal injury lawyer often offers a free consultation for people.

If the lawyer feels that a person has a case they will start the initial paperwork for a personal injury lawsuit. They will file a suit in court and allow the other party along with their insurance company the chance to respond. This will put in motion the lawsuit. The lawyer for the opposing side will then get a chance to find out more information about the case. This is called the discovery phase. The lawyer will get the chance to find out information about the case and will be able to get the facts. They may speak to witnesses and even get a copy of the police reports from the scene of the accident.

lawyerAfter filing paperwork and finding out facts about the case the opposing insurance company may submit an offer. The personal injury lawyer will look at this offer At this point the lawyer can accept the offer or they can reject it. The opposing side may come back with another offer in order to avoid trail. If not the lawyers prepare to take the case to court. If the case goes to trail there will be a jury selection. Both sides will be allowed to present the facts of the case. It will then be up to the jury to decide if a person should get a settlement and the amount of money that they should be able to collect for their pain and suffering. In some cases, a judge will make this decision. If a person is not happy with the decision they have appealed it and start the process over in the court. In most cases, both sides are looking to settle before they have to go through the trail and deal with a judge and jury.

When a person is injured they can see an attorney and file a personal injury lawsuit. The lawyer will decide if a person has a case. They will fight for the injured party to help them get the compensation they need for their injuries and expenses related to their injuries.