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Filing for a Class-Action Lawsuit

When a company makes a product that is faulty or if a number of people are injured by this product they can file a class-action lawsuit. This lawsuit will have many members even in the thousands that have been harmed by this product. A group of people may also file a class-action lawsuit if they have been victims of fraudulent business practices or faulty advertising. These lawsuits will help the people involved recover damages, and in some cases financial compensation as a result of the fraudulent actions of the company.

file a lawsuit According to Dr Tyler Robison, there are several reasons to why a person or a group would want to start a class-action lawsuit. This claim will allow customers to have more leverage with the company. If one customer were to file a complaint against a project it may be ignored by the company. If several customers file a complaint it is more likely to be taken seriously since the company would lose a lot of business. When customers have been injured by the same product or faulty business they can file a lawsuit as a group. While the case is going through the legal process the group involved does not have to pay legal fees out of pockets. The lawyers will get paid once the lawsuit goes to court and a settlement is reached. In most cases, the lawyer will get a specific percentage of the money that is awarded as part of the class-action suit.

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There are some common types of class action lawsuits where people that have been affected by a business or a product may have a valid suit. Insurance fraud is a common lawsuit that people may file a class action suit against. People may also file a class action lawsuit if a company has falsely advertised their products. They can file if the advertisements were misleading as well. For example, there was a class-action lawsuit filed against the Red Bull company. The company claimed that “Red Bull Gives You Wings”. When the consumers did not grow wings after using this product they filed a class-action lawsuit. While to many people this seems silly and a person should know they are not going to grow wings it was still approved under false advertising.

A class-action lawsuit can be filed when a group of people is affected by a product or a service. A lawyer will take up the case and do their best to get members of this group the compensation that they need.